Estanis Gomez (Singer and song writer from Menorca)


"Maldita Locura": Estanis' new release.

With an incredibly velvet voice, this spanish singer and song writer of sweet, warm and tender voice offers his heart and his voice in ten romantic songs that Estanis wrote for his first recording work: "Maldita Locura", an autoedited album through Autoeditors Platform (Spain)

So now Estanis, alone and on his own, presents "Maldita Locura", that also shows us the well-taken care of the musical production of Pablo Manresa and Javier Díez (Elche/Alicante) and that you could listen to or buy online here, in the spanish singer official website.

Estanis' voice, remembers us to Julio Iglesias, whereas the musical production and the rhythm of his songs, with a fresher and newer sound, are more in the style of his son Enrique Iglesias.



Really, a new voice to which we augured great future in the Romantic-Pop genre.

Estanis won first prize at the Tenerife International Song contest, with his song "A solas" (Estanis/F.Tallafet).

At 2003, his song "Dimelo" (Estanis/JJ Portero) received "Winner Trophy" in the "XXIII Latin American song contest of San Francisco" (California, USA).

From child, Estanis knew which was his great passion: to sing and to offer his heart to the world with his songs and his voice.

Step by step, Estanis is beginning to reach his dream.

But he knows that the success is not something that is reached overnight.

There are many things to do, and many things to learn. But, nothing to loose, if singing is the only thing that gives sense to his life.




Music composer Lyrics Author
Sueños Estanis Estanis
Maldita locura Estanis Estanis
A solas Estanis Francisco Tallafet García
A contracorriente Estanis Francisco Tallafet García
Dimelo Estanis Juan José Portero Pendás
Mi alma gemela Estanis Estanis
Quieras o no quieras Estanis Juan José Portero Pendás
Enamorarse Estanis Estanis
Se que tu vendras Estanis Estanis
Si el amor se va Estanis Juan José Portero Pendás

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Portada CD Maldita Locura CD Maldita Locura


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With an incredible velvet voice, this spanish songwriter of sweet, warm and tender voice offers us his heart in his romantic songs. A cross between Julio Iglesias and his son: Enrique Iglesias, but with a fresh new sound that, for sure, will surprise you.

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